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If you are new to the world of nonprofits and boards, please read the Introduction to Nonprofit Board Service below. If you are an experienced nonprofit leader, please scroll down to the description of the Directors U Education Program or list of Resource Organizations below.

An Introduction to Nonprofit Board Service

What is a Nonprofit Organization?

Most of us see nonprofits in action in our communities, such as hospitals, museums, soup kitchens, and youth programs, every day. Nonprofits focus on various causes and look very different. Some are small and have few or no staff; others may employ thousands of individuals.

The Role of Nonprofit Boards of Directors

Many nonprofits are managed by professional staff. Every nonprofit is overseen by a board of directors or trustees whose role is to ensure that the organization is operating legally, ethically and to its full potential. Although a small number of nonprofit organizations offer board members nominal compensation, the vast majority of nonprofit board members are volunteers.

Board Responsibilities

Nonprofit boards of directors are responsible for strategic planning to ensure the organization’s programs are fulfilling its mission and purpose, selecting and evaluating the organization’s chief executive, reviewing financial reports and helping to raise funds to assure the organization has sufficient resources for its work. A typical board member might volunteer 2-4 hours per month including attending a full board or committee meeting and reviewing required material.

Benefits of Board Service

The responsibilities of board service are significant, but there are also many benefits. Serving on a nonprofit board of directors is a great way to support a cause that you care about. You may also expand your professional and social network by connecting with other talented individuals who share a common interest. Finally, there are many opportunities for leadership on nonprofit boards – organizing task forces and events and leading committees. Many companies encourage emerging leaders to join nonprofit boards to further their professional development.

charitySTRONG offers a short, free online course geared to those who want to serve on nonprofit boards of directors. If you are interested in taking the course and looking for a board to join, click here to register.

Directors U Education Program

Directors U is an online library of information for current and prospective board members and chief executives. It includes our short online course describing the fundamentals of nonprofit board service called Good Practices for Good Boards. There are also dozens of other publications, videos and podcasts describing New York State laws and regulations for charities; board roles and responsibilities; and, board operations and structure. Some items can be downloaded directly from the charitySTRONG website. We have included many free publications and webinars along with links to a select number of books, subscriptions and training opportunities that are available for a fee from other providers such as BoardSource and the Nonprofit Finance Fund.

Click here to register and go to Directors U. If you are already registered, click here to login and be taken to the Directors U website.

Resource Organizations

There are many experts available to help New York nonprofits understand their legal obligations and improve organizational effectiveness. Click here to view a list of management support organizations, government agencies and other groups that provide nonprofit support beyond the scope of charitySTRONG.

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