Good Practices for Good Boards Course Version for Use in a Group or Board Meeting Setting
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Accessing the Group Version of Good Practices for Good Boards

Please note that you will first need to register with charitySTRONG before accessing the group version of the course.

Once you are registered, click here to access the facilitator’s guide to the group version of the core course. This supplemental manual includes the link to download Good Practices on page 4 as well as instructions and links to materials you will need to guide your board through the course.

After logging into charitySTRONG, you can also launch the course directly by visiting Directors U and clicking on the “Good Practices for Good Boards Group Course” link under the Featured Resources section on My Dashboard. We recommend that you view the facilitator manual for further instructions about taking the course first.

About Good Practices for Good Boards

charitySTRONG’s signature course, Good Practices for Good Boards, provides essential information on nonprofit board service in New York State. Good Practices is a free, online course co-created with BoardSource, the national leader in nonprofit director education. The goal is to help board members and potential board members better understand their role as individual directors, how a board operates as a collective, the board-staff relationship and several best practices for maximizing nonprofit board experience.

The course is divided into five topics, each lasting 7-10 minutes, with a brief three question quiz and discussion section in between each topic. Not only will taking this course as a group help ensure that all your board members share a common framework and approach to board service, but it is intended to promote conversation among directors about your board’s experience as a team.

Once your entire board has completed the course, we would like to recognize this achievement on charitySTRONG’s Board Honor Roll. Please email us a list of the names of all your board members who have completed the course to We will include your nonprofit’s name on the Board Honor Roll page of our website.

To learn more or for questions about Good Practices or completing the course as a group, please contact charitySTRONG staff at 646-861-3602 or

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