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charitySTRONG offers two, free, online programs: Directors U, our governance education resource center, and onBOARD, our nonprofit board of directors recruitment program.

Directors U

Directors U is an online library of publications and videos for current and prospective nonprofit board members and chief executives. Material is from national nonprofit experts such as BoardSource, Nonprofit Finance Fund and the Foundation Center. There is information on New York State laws and regulations for charities; board roles and responsibilities; and, board recruitment, operations and structure. We have included many free items as well as links to a select number of books, subscriptions and training programs that are available for a fee from other providers. 


onBOARD connects New York State nonprofits with talented, trained director candidates from outside their normal networks. onBOARD's database of board opportunities lists a variety of positions at different types of organizations. There is also a candidate bank on onBOARD which includes resumes of talented individuals who have completed an online course on governance called Good Practices for Good Boards. 

To access these programs, please first read the 
registration instructions and then sign up for a free account. Upon registration, all users will be able to sign on to Directors U. All representatives of charitable organizations, and candidates who complete the core course, Good Practices for Good Boards on Directors U, may create onBOARD accounts.

In addition to our two online programs, charitySTRONG staff members are available for presentations and training workshops for groups of candidates and organizations. To learn more, please contact us at

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