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charitySTRONG can help you recruit new members for your nonprofit's board of directors. Read about next steps below, then click here to register for a free account.

Step 1. Register

Step 2. Use onBOARD, our Nonprofit Board Recruitment Service
After you register, you will be directed to the onBOARD program where you can create an “Organization Profile” and “Post Opportunities”. Candidates will apply by e-mail or through the onBOARD platform. Please respond within 1 week. You may also search the “Candidate Bank” and contact any candidates you are interested in directly.

While onBOARD is designed for posting board of directors positions, you may also post openings on associate boards and advisory councils. charitySTRONG staff are also available to help with the recruitment process and resolve any questions.

Step 3. Follow Up with Candidates and Notify charitySTRONG About Your Match
Please provide helpful information to candidates you connect with so they can learn about your organization and board. And, please contact to let us know when you have elected or added new board of directors or committee members through our service. 

Please note that charitySTRONG requires all director candidates to complete a short online course on nonprofit board service before applying for board positions. The course is called Good Practices for Good Boards. All of the candidates you see on our site have this credential.

We are also asking board members and chief executives of organizations that use onBOARD to complete the course. It can be found by visiting our Directors U program, accessible from the main website after registration. You can notify board members about this standard and ask them to register under the “Candidate or Current Board Member” member type at Also, please complete this form so that we can track their participation.

View this guide for more information on recruiting new board members and welcoming them to your organization.

Now that you have reviewed the process, click here to register. If you would first like to view an instructional video on how to use our programs to recruit board members for your nonprofit and get education and training resources for your board, please click here.

Please Note:
charitySTRONG welcomes enrollment from New York State 501(c)(3) public charities in good standing that are also registered with the Office of the New York State Attorney General, under Article 7-A, to solicit contributions in New York State. 

charitySTRONG does not verify users’ background information. All participants are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence. You have no obligation to select new directors from those available through onBOARD if there is not a good match. 

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